The easiest way to deal with laptops that have no sound

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Laptops are a mandatory item for most people. Especially if the person is a student and office worker. Laptops are also the only place of entertainment for many people. Exploring knowledge of course also has a laptop. For game lovers, capable laptops are dreams and needs. Laptops can be said to be an important need even today. Various activities can be done with this box-shaped object. Starting from typing, playing videos, playing games, graphic design, and much more. The usefulness of this broad laptop requires performance that must always be maximum.

Because that’s every time, laptops are always progressing. For example, from a hard drive that was generally only 320 GB, now 500 GB and 1 TB has become a common spec. In addition to the hard drive, also the VGA card offered. Maybe in ancient times people were still indifferent to the VGA card on the laptop they bought. But not for now. With features and functions that are increasingly diverse, people choose a laptop with the latest technology VGA Card function.

Another one that has become the target of some people about the specifications of the laptop is the speaker Although many portable speakers are available, choosing a laptop with good speakers is also a must. The better specifications of laptop speakers, of course the sound quality produced is more satisfying. The functions of the speakers on the laptop are crusial. This is because laptops can also be used to listen to music or watch movies. What if the laptop doesn’t make a sound? Of course this is a pretty disturbing thing.

Here are some ways to deal with a laptop that has no sound. Before knowing how to deal with a laptop that doesn’t make a sound, we must understand how the damage occurred. Possible causes of laptop speakers not working:

1. The button for the speaker is accidentally squashed off so that the sound disappears suddenly.
2. Speaker broken. Broken laptop speakers are actually rare. Unless you are a careless person, for example dropping a laptop from a closet. It could be that the speaker collides and is damaged so it doesn’t make a sound.

If the laptop suddenly loses speaker function or doesn’t make a sound it is likely that it can still be repaired as long as the laptop speaker isn’t damaged.

Reinstall the laptop audio driver
The first way is to reset the audio on your laptop again. Actually, the laptop has issued a sound without even installing the driver. This is because laptop speakers have become one in one body. Unlike the computer that must install each device connected to the CPU.

If the installation of a laptop audio driver is damaged, of course the laptop will not make a sound. Because the second, you can suddenly squeeze the mute button on the laptop audio. Sometimes this accident causes your laptop to lose sound without being able to restore it. Furthermore, there are also bug problems even crashing on laptop audio drivers. If this happens, of course, the laptop will not make a sound.

The causes of the laptop do not emit because of the driver, the solution is only one. Reinstall your laptop audio driver. You can learn how to install your laptop audio driver by paying attention to the brand and type of laptop.

Reinstall the default Windows audio driver
The next way to overcome is actually the same as before. It’s just that you can do this if you don’t have your laptop’s audio driver. Reinstalling drivers here is, you can use device manager in Windows. Here’s how:

1. Enter the desktop, click start then enter Device Manager.
2. There will be many choices, choose Sounds, Videos, and Games Controllers.
3. Right-click on the audio that is installed.
4. Choose Driver Software Update.
5. Follow the next command. By updating your laptop’s audio driver, you are reinstalling the laptop audio driver. Now you just have to wait for your laptop to function as before.
6. If the audio still does not work, in the Update Driver Software option, you select Uninstall.
7. Follow the installation instructions to complete.
8. Don’t worry you will lose your audio installation on the laptop. Because Windows will automatically reinstall your audio driver.

Check the condition of the speaker settings
This happens if you might press the mute button. Here’s how to check whether your audio is correct in its settings:

1. Open the control panel
2. Choose Hadrware and Sound
3. Click Sound, then set the audio settings of the laptop correctly.

If there are no changes and nothing is out of place, then this is not the case. You can listen to the next method.

Change the position of ‘default’ on the speaker
It is still the same as the steps above, namely in Hardware and Sound> Sound. Right-click, then choose Set as default device. The important thing is to ensure that your laptop is not connected to a headset or external speaker. This setting will make additional speakers (which are plugged into the laptop) muted.

Check speaker status
In the same settings, namely Hardware and Sound> Sound, there is a Disable Speaker setting. If this setting is active, your laptop will not make a sound. There are a number of reasons why this menu is suddenly active. First, you may forget to set it because of certain interests. Secondly, there is an incident that makes your speaker in a Disable Speaker condition.

To restore speaker status to active, just right-click on Sound. Then choose Show Disable Device. Next Enable the speaker that was disabled earlier. That way is the way the speaker settings in Windows 7.

Install external speakers
If the above methods are not able to restore sound on your laptop, you can start panicking. Possible damage to the speaker on the laptop. How to check it is to connect the laptop with external speakers. If the sound appears on the external speaker, your speaker speaker has been damaged. The solution for speaker damage is, you can continue to use external speakers, looking for the smallest size. External speakers also have many variations. Even now there are many who sell wireless speakers, namely bluetooth speakers. The second solution is you fix the speaker to a trusted service provider.

Those are some ways to deal with a laptop that has no sound. You only need to use a laptop wisely to avoid this problem. Use a laptop according to the specifications. Don’t use a laptop with the usual features to play heavy games. We know that laptop gamers have very high specifications, so they have a price that is quite expensive compared to an ordinary specification laptop.

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