Do 15 Ways to Overcome Computers Can’t Enter This Easy Bios

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The progress of computer technology now has a significant impact on many people. especially for several fields. As we have seen, many fields have felt the benefits of this computer network. an easy example is the current examination system and employee recruitment system using computer technology.

Do 15 Ways to Overcome Computers Can't Enter This Easy Bios
Do 15 Ways to Overcome Computers Can’t Enter This Easy Bios

Therefore, human needs with computers are almost close to basic needs. Currently we can do shopping only through computers and smartphones. This is also the same when we need transportation equipment or looking for entertainment using only a computer or smartphone system.

It’s just the same as other electronic devices. At any time, the computer can experience problems. Plus the complicated problems on the computer are quite complicated. For example, a computer cannot enter the bios. These problems are quite a headache for people who don’t really understand the computer world. But before making repairs, it’s good to know in advance what causes the computer to not enter the BIOS.

Cause nothing can enter BIOS:

There is a hard drive that is damaged or undetected
If the BIOS or until there is no beep on the CPU, then you can be sure there is a problem that occurs in the hard disk. It could be that the hard disk part is damaged or there is one component that is not functioning properly. To be able to find out it needs to be checked.

Software problems
Because the BIOS is very closely related to software or applications, it could be that there is a software that is not compatible or forced to be installed on a computer. In addition to being forced, another possibility is that there could be software or applications that have been installed on the computer for a long time but suddenly experience damage or errors. This often happens to old computers.

There are components that have been eaten by age
Computer components are still there. If the computer is more than five years old and has never been replaced by one of its components, the incident cannot enter the BIOS or the absence of a beep sound can be very possible. Plus, these components never get proper care, so naturally such damage will appear.

Often experiencing heat
Do you often use a computer until some of the components are often overheated or overheated? You need to know that when the computer overheats too often, then some computer components may experience considerable damage.

Problems with the motherboard
One of them is a problem with the motherboard. As we know that the function of the motherboard is as a “station” some computer components can be connected to each other so that it can become a computer as a whole. If something happens to the motherboard, then it also greatly affects computer performance.

How to fix the computer failed to enter the BIOS

After knowing what causes it, here is how to deal with it step by step.

1. Unplug all cables connected to electricity
2. After that, open the CPU noise slowly.
3. If it’s the next step is to remove some components that are connected to the motherboard. For example RAM, VGA card, and Harddisk, After that, just leave the motherboard.
4. Install the CPU power cable to turn on the computer.
5. This is where we can hear the sound of beeps inside the CPU. If the motherboard does not emit a beep, then the problem is with the motherboard. If you have a backup motherboard you can try it first on the CPU.
6. Turn off the CPU again and replace the motherboard with the backup morherboard.
7. After the motherboard is replaced, the next step is to reconnect to the electric current.
8. If there is a beep sound, then the problem regarding the beep sound is finished.
9. Now only the other component parts. First check the RAM, VGA card and hard drive.
10. Check first whether the component has a sign of damage or not.
11. To anticipate it, you can try using used components that are still functioning properly. If there are none, try to assemble the three components first.
12. If the problem cannot enter the BIOS because of the software, then press F5 directly on the keyboard. After that, you can uninstall the software if it is the cause of failing to enter the BIOS.
13. If you have restarted.
14. If it still can’t, then there must be several components replaced such as RAM, VGA Card or Hard Drive. You don’t have to buy a very new one, you can use used ones as long as the conditions are good
15. Finished.

Need to be noticed again! If some of these tips still experience failure, then the last way is to repair it to a service that can be trusted.

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