Causes and Solutions for Overcoming Laptop Batteries Not 100% Charged

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The growth of a laptop or portable computer is extraordinary. as we can see not only people – IT people who use this laptop / notebook but people who work not in the IT field now have it. because of the demands of work and the ease of working mobile with this one gadget device. but over time, now the use of laptops also reaps a lot of questions about the usual problems with the components on a laptop, one of which is a battery.

Causes and Solutions for Overcoming Laptop Batteries Not 100% Charged
Causes and Solutions for Overcoming Laptop Batteries Not 100% Charged

Have you ever experienced when the battery has been charged (charge) for several hours but the laptop battery is not full? or the notebook battery does not reach 100% (fully charged) and is always below it for whatever we charge. and on the battery indicator, says “Battery not Fully charged”? yes, in the discussion this time we will discuss, the Causes and Tips of a Solution to Overcome a Battery Not Fully Filled. please listen.

The Cause of a Battery Not Full
1. usually this happens because of several influencing factors, including:
electrical interference. The frequent death of the lights and the unstable electricity make the battery’s resistance decrease rapidly because the incoming supply is not in accordance with the available capacity, causing the battery to malfunction.
2. Let the laptop die because it runs out of battery. this is unfortunately still often considered normal by us. even though actually a laptop has a limit usage limit how many times we charge.
3. Critical Battery Level is too low. the critical battery level setting below 5% can cause the battery condition to last a long time, so set it as best as possible at the level of 10%.

Solution for Notebook Battery Charging Not Fully Filled
after we know the causes and factors of this occurrence, this time we will discuss how we can do so that the battery life can last a long time again fully charged.

1. Get used to directly charge / cass the battery before it really dies. this is to extend the cycle counter on the laptop battery.

2. Change Critical Battery Action to Hibernate so when the battery is up, the computer will automatically hybridize and our data is safe because it’s stored.

3. Change the Critical Battery Level value to above 5% and the low battery level to 10%. if you are confused about how to change it, follow the following methods:

For Windows 7:

Click the Start button> Control Panel> Security> Power Options. then in the “Select a power plan” option, click the “Change plan setting” option on the right. after that a “change setting for the plan” window will appear. Click “change advanced power settings”. then click the (+) sign on the Battery option, low battery level, and critical battery level. here you can change the percentage number you want.

For Windows 8:

almost the same as Windows 7, access control panel via the Start Screen, Apps, Control panel. then look for the Security and power options section. then the steps are the same.

4. After that, the charge on the battery is still fully charged (not empty or low). well here do the charging for a long time, it can be more than 5 hours. take it easy, the battery will not be overcharged or burned, because today’s laptop batteries are equipped with technology when the battery is full then the charge process will stop by itself.

5. after that you can see an increase of 1% from before, so to get 100% you can do this repeatedly.

6. If the laptop is not used, then do it in a state of the laptop shutdown (shut down) this will speed up the cell-cell regeneration process on the battery. my advice, do cass at night when you sleep, so the next day you can see the results. however, keep the laptop away from where you sleep, because even though close electronic radiation is not good when we are sleeping.

  • for point number 6, make sure that the electricity in your house is always stable before charging at night.

Well that’s the reason and Batre Laptop Solutions Can Not Be Fully Filled, hopefully it will be useful for you.

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