6 Ways to Keep Your Keyboard from Breaking Fast

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The keyboard is one of the important components in the computer. Usually used for typing, helps the process of entering input data into the monitor output. This component is most often in direct contact with the user, working directly on the machine and also the user. Of course the level of vulnerability is an accident and the damage is higher. Usually in a computer set, the easiest problem is the mouse. Then the CPU, only after that is the keyboard.

6 Ways to Keep Your Keyboard from Breaking Fast
6 Ways to Keep Your Keyboard from Breaking Fast

Damage to Main Hardware

The CPU problem is because the cables are often attracted everywhere, also when the highest tension is the easiest. When the computer often hangs, the mouse cursor does not want to work just stay in place and do not move. Many users complain about this problem. After that the CPU or computer head. All machines that work on a computer are processed and are operated on orders from the CPU.

The most common problem is a dirty CPU or fan that doesn’t want to spin. Of course the handling must be unloaded first. But don’t just fix it if you don’t know, because damage to the CPU affects other components such as monitors, mice and keyboards. This can damage the CPU’s functionality if it continues without proper handling.

Of course, over time the problems on the computer will be wider than before, because computer components are connected to each other. For that the user is required to know how to use the computer in accordance with the correct procedure so as not to propagate to a wider computer problem.

Caring for the keyboard is not easily damaged

1. Cleaning the Keyboard
The keyboard is most often touched by the user, whether in a clean, dirty, dusty, dusty, and so on. Even when the user silences it (the position is not used) it’s the same as leaving it in a dirty condition. For this purpose, cleaning the brushes is done, by swiping between the keyboard to remove dirt.

After that, use a vacuum cleaner to suck the dust that is on the sidelines and difficult to reach. As for the surface of the keyboard, clean it with a cloth or cloth soaked with glass cleaner.

2. Provision of Keyboard Protection Protection

To keep the keyboard safer, use protection protection for the keyboard. This helps the user to prevent dust from nesting, as well as the habit of holding the keyboard with hands that are especially oily dirty. Because the keyboard that is too long to use will remove the letter mark on the keyboard surface.

3. Don’t Press and Type Hard

Keyboard has been designed in such a way as to facilitate your work. Including the level of sensitivity to type. In typing avoid until you press too hard until it says ‘not to touch’ this will damage the keys in the bottom layer of the keyboard to read what letter commands will be written. Because of course this affects the keyboard engine that needs to be considered by the user. In this way the user can preserve the hardware to make it more durable, besides that the computer hardware and functions run well.

4. Get used to using a Joy Stick when playing games

Playing games is fun, but unfortunately the keyboard is used only for playing games. Because the user will be too long, too much, and too hard to press the keyboard on certain key buttons. Of course this affects the performance, shape, and sensitivity of the keys on the keyboard.

Even the keyboard on gamers who do not rely on joy sticks, some of which can be separated from their place of origin. This of course will be detrimental and requires more cost to replace the old keyboard with the new one.

5. Avoid food and liquid objects

Using a computer is really fun with eating. It turned out that it was quite dangerous, if you accidentally spilled liquid on the keyboard, it would immediately direct it right? If the computer is exposed to liquid objects, it is not impossible to damage the inside components of the computer. This could have an impact on becoming a computer, often hangs and even dies. Users must be smart to care for how to deal with computers often die themselves.

6. Don’t Place Other Items on the Keyboard

The keyboard is designed not as a place to stack items. So avoid giving objects that are heavy above the keyboard. This action can damage per keyboard. Have you ever seen a monitor output that shows letters of certain letters or numbers even though there is no keyboard that presses the letter letters or numbers? This is one of the inner damage because the keyboard is pressed too long for heavy objects.

Initial damage to the keyboard

Problems often appear on the keyboard, usually in the form of letters that cannot appear on the screen. Like when you want to type the letter a, but does not come out in the output on the monitor. Possible damage can come from the motherboard, or it could be due to other devices. When other devices have started to hang, of course they cannot run according to their functions, including the functions of the motherboard itself.

Even other complaints are when turning on the computer or laptop, then pressing the Start button. After that, in the tab search section letters or numbers appear, even though you don’t press anything. This damage has been included quite badly, because it raises an order that even the user does not want. How to keep your laptop from being damaged quickly is to maintain and use a computer device properly.

Maintenance of the keyboard is certainly a necessity to extend the life of your device. Requires additional costs, of course, because something is sustained by treatment and special treatment.

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