6 Causes of Broken Laptop Keyboard

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The keyboard is a board used on computer systems to carry out input tasks. On laptops, the keyboard is installed together with the laptop body, making the keyboard right above the motherboard and other computer hardware, such as chipsets, processors, RAM, VGA, hard disks, and so on.

6 Causes of Broken Laptop Keyboard
6 Causes of Broken Laptop Keyboard

Laptop keyboard, usually also often experience some pretty annoying damage or interference. The following are some of the glitches and also damage to the laptop keyboard:
1. One or more buttons are very hard pressed
2. One or more buttons can be pressed, but no output appears on the laptop screen
3. Keyboard not detected
4. The keyboard is completely dead and cannot be used to process the input, even though it has been detected.

Of the several problems of keyboard damage, of course there are many causes. Anything? The following are some of the causes of damaged laptop keyboards:

1. There is dust and sand involved at the bottom of the button
The first thing that can cause a laptop keyboard to become damaged is the dust and sand that might slip at the bottom of the keyboard keys. Generally, this happens to laptops which are often used in outdoor environments, such as parks, and field workers. Sand and dust that slip on the bottom of the keyboard button usually causes the keyboard button to be difficult to press and also when pressed it cannot bring up characters.

The way to solve the problem of a laptop keyboard that is tucked into dust and sand is by cleaning it. You can use brush callus to clean dust and sand. Or you can also open (pry) the baseball part of the keyboard that is tucked away in dust and sand, then clean it until it functions as before.

2. Laptop keyboard spills liquid
Apart from being tucked away in sand and dust, another cause of a broken laptop keyboard is because the laptop keyboard is spilled on liquids, such as water, drinks, and other types of liquids. The liquid that spills onto the laptop keyboard, will cause the keys on the keyboard can not press, so the character will not appear according to what the user wants.

To overcome this problem, the way that can be done is the same as the first method, namely we can open or pry the keys of the laptop keyboard, then clean the dirty and exposed parts of the liquid spill.

3. Pressing one button too often
For those of you who often play games, surely you often feel this. yes, in playing games, the kit often presses multiple buttons repeatedly and simultaneously. This if done continuously, will automatically damage your keyboard keys. the main feature is, we have to press the keyboard for longer when you want to type something.

To fix it is quite difficult, because this is related to the whole keyboard system from the laptop. The best way to overcome this is to replace the laptop keyboard that has been damaged. Well, before this happens, you can reduce the use of your computer’s keyboard, by using an external keyboard that uses USB.

4. The problem with the laptop keyboard driver
Problems that arise in the hardware of a computer or laptop, most are not far from the driver problem. Usually, drivers experience problems, because they are out of date, incompatible, and also experience errors during the installation process. This can also occur on the keyboard of your laptop. when the keyboard driver has a problem, your keyboard seems to be damaged, even though it’s not.

The way you can do it is very easy, that is, you only need to re-install the driver of your laptop keyboard, or do an update of your laptop keyboard driver.

5. The rubber on the keyboard keys is damaged
Other damage can also be caused by rubber – the rubber on the keyboard button is damaged. Usually this happens because your laptop keyboard is too much and is often used improperly, or because of the age of your laptop. this causes the rubber part located behind the keyboard keys to be brittle and thinning, so that it cannot be pressed optimally.

To overcome this, you can replace your keyboard keys with new and original ones, so that your laptop keyboard can be used optimally again.

6. Laptop fell
Laptops that are dropped are one of the biggest problems, because they can affect all forms of hardware systems that are in it, starting from the hard disk, RAM, processor, to the keyboard. When your laptop’s keyboard is damaged, it might be because your laptop has crashed. When your laptop falls, it is not impossible if your keyboard has a disturbance, such as a loose or loose port or socket, until the keyboard is cracked and has problems.

When this happens, the best solution is to replace your laptop keyboard, with a note, it is really – really confirmed that the cause of the damage is because the laptop fell, and also other vital devices that do not experience problems.

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