4 of the easiest ways to fix a striped laptop screen

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One of the damages that you might experience is the problem of the striped laptop screen. The characteristics of a broken laptop LCD can be seen from the blue screen display, striped, until dark does not display anything. There are 7 types of broken laptop LCDs that you need to know about.

4 of the easiest ways to fix a striped laptop screen
4 of the easiest ways to fix a striped laptop screen

In this article Klikfix will review how to repair a striped laptop LCD. There are two types of lines that appear on broken laptops.

First, in the form of a straight line that extends vertically and black or white smooth and not moving. Such interference is usually caused by damage to the LCD screen panel.

Second, the shape of a wavy line that extends horizontally and moves up and down. There are small lines that appear randomly. Interference like this occurs because of interference with the LCD panel cable, RAM, or other hardware that affects the LCD. There are several reasons that make a laptop screen blank, you must know it in order to fix your laptop problem.

Here is an easy way you can do to repair a damaged laptop:

Using Pixel Repairer
Damage to the LCD screen panel of laptops with straight lines in black or white and does not move is usually caused by Dead Pixels.

Dead Pixels occur due to default damage to the screen panel when a laptop is purchased. Can also be caused by pressure on the screen that is too hard.

Pixel Repairel is a Dead Pixel detection software for Windows users. In addition to detecting, this software can also help you to repair damage. So you don’t need to disassemble the laptop screen. To find out Dead Pixels by using Pixel Repairer are:

Install the Pixel Repairer software first
After the Pixel Repairer box appears, you can select the desired frame.
Approve the color you chose by clicking Enable
Look at the monitor screen, if there is a black screen or the entire screen is black then the laptop screen is in good condition.
But if you find other colored dots on the screen, then your laptop has a Dead Pixel.
Click Esc to exit.
If you already know your laptop screen has Dead Pixel, here’s how to fix it using Pixel Repairer:

Run the Pixel Repairer Program
click the repair icon
Click Add to add and adjust the repair area.
Then, drag the repair box to the location where the Dead Pixel is found.
Use one of the repair configuration modes.
For size, select a size that includes the area the Dead Pixel is.
As for the frequency section, if it’s not changed by you it’s usually 60 Hz.
The software will immediately run the repair, you have to wait a while.
Pixel Repairer software is lightweight, so it won’t overload the laptop’s performance. In addition, when using this software, you can run other programs.

Check the screen’s flexible cable
The connecting cable between the screen and the motherboard, often loose or damaged. Try to check the cable connection, if it is installed properly.

Try it, you can connect the laptop to an external laptop screen. If the lines still appear, the damage is not on the flexible cable screen or screen panel. Damage can be caused due to problems in other components such as VGA, RAM or hard disk.

Check VGA, RAM or Hard drive
Usually when the laptop is broken, you forget to check VGA, RAM or hard drive. Try checking RAM first, open and clean the pins using an eraser and put it back on properly.

If there are two slots in RAM, try moving. If that doesn’t work, try installing another RAM. If the striped laptop screen disappears when RAM is replaced, the cause is damage to RAM.

If the line still appears, you should proceed with checking VGA. If you can remove the VGA on your laptop, try removing the pins. You can do the same thing as you do with RAM.

Checking VGA can’t be done if your VGA is onboard. If so, you can try checking the other components. You can check the hard drive, you can check it by replacing the hard drive cable or installing another hard drive to try it.

VGA Driver Update
VGA drivers that are not updated can cause lines on the laptop screen. This can be caused by the unsynchronization between the old VGA driver and the latest program.

To overcome this, you can try to update the VGA Driver on a laptop that is usually provided by the official website of your VGA vendor.

Those are some ways you can do to fix a striped laptop screen. If a conclusion is drawn, you can use Pixel Repairer to fix Dead Pixels, then check the flexible cable that connects the screen to the motherboard, check other components and update the VGA Driver.

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